we are pixmix

Pixmix Studios is a flexible post production team focussed on editing, motion graphics, color grading, animation, visual effects and 3D. We combine our years of experience, talent and technical knowledge to create content for film, television and web. By solving creative challenges, we bring our clients and partners ideas to life.

Working with passion is the drive of our approach to new projects with a team from all expertise.


We take great pride in our technical capabilities and constantly improving our time sensitive workflow. Our studio is virtually connected which allows easy project sharing for the most demanding projects and fast collaboration – very helpful for those highpressure, fast turnaround projects.

Working in a hybrid cloud environment, we created a connected post production world with our artists and clients and between our locations. Scaling compute power allows the artists to work on a machine that is needed for the job.


We are experienced editors working on AVID or Premiere. From assistant editing through editing for feature, episodic or short form.


Our VFX team provides everything from concept design and pre- visualization through onset supervision to finally deliver exciting visual effects. We strive to do as much research as possible for each shot in collaboration with production, the director and cinematographer to push the boundaries of what is possible in storytelling.


We will take your projects to the next step via the creation of photorealistic assets, animations and complex texture or environment. Our 3D team has major experience with Houdini to create effects that can range from natural phenomena such as fire, water or smoke to creating entirely virtual environments and characters.


We offer design solutions, from title sequences and graphical inserts to animation in 2D and 3D. Our in-house motion designers are creative and technical to see your project through.


We offer color correction or grading for film and television. Our theatre is equipped with the latest software with panels combined with high-end monitoring. Working close with our network of freelance colorists, gives us the ability to react fast when needed to.


Our well equipped theatre seats 10 people. Viewings are possible on a projection or TV screen. We offer the full range of services for film/TV broadcast delivery and data management. Whether it’s storage & distribution, quality control and file delivery our team has the skills and experience to manage every step.